The Train (1964)

The 1960’s was full of World War II films. Like Westerns, they were the action genre staple for TV and films.  Fact or fiction, war films serve up plenty of action. The genre always fascinated me, not because I like war or the lives it destroys. Like Westerns, it is basically stories of good triumphing … More The Train (1964)


This band had an amazing run of success from the early 1970’s into the next decade, then almost disappeared, when one of the main songwriters left for a solo career. The left behind a solid musical legacy of intelligent, thoughtful progressive music. Theron crowning achievement was Breakfast in America, an album ironically written by Englishmen. … More Supertramp

Mystery to Me

Unfinished business And so the story goes Years can float past And yet it only grows   A compass point in time The connection is made But it won’t be now The wrong card played   But you can deal again God creates infinite waves Some reach the beach Others sink to watery graves   … More Mystery to Me

Air Conditioning

The first really warm day of the spring, pushed 90 degrees. Sitting on the front porch swing, my favorite spot, I thought about the days when air conditioning was a luxury. In my family, cold air first came to my Grandparents Miller’s house. It was a big deal when they put a box-sized unit in … More Air Conditioning

New Chicago

I really wanted to like this version of the band, but it’s hard to. I like the old songs, everything prior to 1980, but it’s been a bumpy ride ever since. My other blog, Old Chicago, lays out my love for the band. Tonight, I watched a concert video recorded recently of the current line-up. … More New Chicago

Doris Day

Doris Day stopped being Doris Day decades ago. Even though she spurned the limelight, she never left our televisions or our hearts.  Radio, concerts, records, television and film, she made her mark in every medium. During her lifetime she lived several lives, all of them quite fascinating.  First she was a big band singer, including … More Doris Day