Walking Away

Recently, three employees at the organization I work for, decided to retire.  These were each long-time employees, and each had a different approach to their departure. Deciding when to leave a job is a very personal matter.  Some leave for better opportunities, some reach the end of their work careers, some have health issues, and … More Walking Away

The Next Blog

This is blog number 101. Who knows where the next hundred will go. I don’t even know where this one is going. I had a thought, while I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix series, the one about cars and coffee. Funny show and nice vintage cars. Now that idea is gone. Easy come, easy go. … More The Next Blog

Blog #100

Three years ago I began this blog, not sure of whether it would last.  Somehow it did, but not before it went through several fallow periods, stretches of draught where ideas and inspiration failed me.   I am lucky to have picked up some inspiration, from unlikely places.  I thank those who unwittingly pushed me … More Blog #100