Victoria & Abdul

You can show me anything Judi Dench does and I’ll watch it. She’s my red velvet cake, delicious performances every time out. She has played Queen Victoria before and this time delivers an equally strong performance. For me, she was Meryl Streep before Meryl Streep – strong roles and great performances. And she gets better … More Victoria & Abdul

Fonda and Redford

Thirty-eight years after last working together, they are together again in a Netflix produced film called Our Souls at Night. This is the fourth pairing and long overdue. This film did not generate much publicity, stars in their seventies and eighties usually do not, but there were not two hotter stars in the 1970s than … More Fonda and Redford

Passing the Torch

One day you wake up and you’re not the young turk anymore, or even the guy moving toward the top of the ladder – you are the guy other people wonder when you’ll submit your retirement papers. Time passes quickly. It’s over before you know it. Life goes faster as you get older. Cue Sinatra … More Passing the Torch

I Believe in You

The sun curls beyond the horizon, the warmth splashes all around, like ripples washing over everything as far as the day reaches before it begins its withdrawal. Like a blind man feeling what he cannot see, tiny fingers reach inward bringing clarity and insight. There is purpose. There is belief. There is selflessness. The feet … More I Believe in You

Making a Deposit

I work in a field where relationships are the currency for getting things done. One of the core values of the organization I work for is relationship building. When these core values were being developed, there was very intense debate on whether this would make the final list. A management consultant had said to my … More Making a Deposit