Bookends (1968)

Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel was their most mature work. Not remotely as embraced as Bridge Over Troubled Water, but a more interesting tapestry. These songs grew from the same embryo. My favorite S&G album. The album was a mixture of folk, pop and a pinch of rock all of twenty-nine minutes and fifty-one seconds. … More Bookends (1968)

My Generation

We are generation-centric. We are a society of demographics and labels. Marketing, politics, entertainment; we are categorized, studied, targeted, sold and even hated based on our attributes. We all belong to a generation. We are surrounded by other generations, but do we notice it? Of course, but how conscious are we of the generational differences? … More My Generation

Tom Petty: Gone 2 Years

“What’s changed these days is that the man who approaches me on the street is more or less thanking me for a body of work—the soundtrack to his life, as a lot of them say. And that’s a wonderful feeling. It’s all an artist can ask.” – Tom Petty, Esquire magazine Petty died unexpectedly in … More Tom Petty: Gone 2 Years

James Taylor: Gorilla (1975)

Sweet Baby James was enjoying a terrific decade of success. He transcended the label of sensitive singer/songwriter into a mainstream pop star. “Fire and Rain” was just the beginning. Professionally guided by Peter Asher, Taylor was aimed at the same audience as the Eagles, Bob Seger, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash, and … More James Taylor: Gorilla (1975)


In darkness searching for an answer Shadows are invisible looking glasses Specters unseen never far away Neurons flowing like molasses Orange glow lights the horizon Fireflies pulsing in the night Blackness deep like the Grand Canyon Stretching forever out of sight Images fleeting as the twilight recedes Scattering like sparks from a flame Beyond the … More ShadowCatcher