On an Island

A ripple in a mighty ocean Escaping life’s endless commotion Following a virgin trail Riding atop an angry whale Endless grains of timeless sand No wireless or broadband The roar of wave action is intense Wearing down my urban defense At night the immense moon hangs low Basking in the nightly starlight show Surrounded by … More On an Island

Yesterday Again

We’ve passed this way before Memories of what’s in store I’ve traveled inside this dream Returning to that point upstream I know the words to all the songs Sang about the rights and wrongs We can choose a different pathway But end up on the previous day In the mirror I see Bill Murray Learning … More Yesterday Again

Dan Fogelberg

Love him or hate him, Dan Fogelberg was quite a musical artist. For some, his music was too sentimental and sweet. He wrote a lot of romantic songs and was criticized for writing shallow and predictable songs. Others, me included, found his music to resonate with feeling and intricate musical ideas. He could alternate between … More Dan Fogelberg

Album Covers

Before streaming and downloads, music was available as compact discs, and before that, long play vinyl record albums.  Albums measured about 12 inches by 12 inches.  They were round, so the dimensions were equal. The records or albums, came in a package made of paper and later of a plastic material.  The album covers contained … More Album Covers

Amazing Promos and Commercials from the 1960s and 1970s

This is a trip down memory lane, but it also shows how stylish some of the promos and opening credits were.  There is an art to creating effective and memorable promotional ads. Combine special effects and editing, spectacular images, and driving, catchy music.  But you must accomplish this in about a minute.  Sound easy? Here … More Amazing Promos and Commercials from the 1960s and 1970s


Pulling there’s no resisting Insistent on persisting Kindred, magnetic ideals Spinning cosmic wheels A bustling celestial object Emblazoned orb to inspect Soaring within view All light reflects on you An emphatic path is chosen Eclipsing the known frontier Surpassing all pent up fear Jetting like a neutron Looping back at dawn As pieces move to … More Gravity

After the Storm

Tricky and alluring like quicksand Slipping quietly through your hand One day turning a somersault Later bickering over fault Elusive as a four leaf clover The most endearing hangover Everything else is just a pretender I’ll have one more Mr Bartender Rising odds like the grand sweepstakes Rolling the dice from past mistakes Folding the … More After the Storm

Sir Ray Davies

Ray Davies doesn’t like to repeat himself, but he just did.  He’s released his second album of music about America.  Ray loves his adopted country, even though he was nearly murdered in it. We know Ray as the elder Davies brother, leader of the Kinks, and one of the most intelligent songwriters of our time.  … More Sir Ray Davies