Describe a Great Leader

We all know great leaders, they get it, and they inspire others. Unfortunately, there are more bad, or mediocre leaders, which make the exceptional ones, stand out even more. Great leaders come in many different styles and often aren’t what you would imagine great leaders to look or sound like. There’s no template for great … More Describe a Great Leader

Our Vietnam

The legacy of the Vietnam War belongs to all of us. I dare anyone to watch the Ken Burns and Lyn Novick documentary series and not feel the frustration, terror and sadness of that war. It is estimated that more than 3 million Americans served in Vietnam, of which 58,220 were killed, 1626 missing in … More Our Vietnam


Reading you is like staring through a prism You’re among the more complex organisms Not exactly a compliment but I cannot deny Not black or white, just old school tie dye   I often heard, conform and be one of the squares Eat your vegetables and say your evening prayers Do your homework and don’t … More Magnification