The White Album at 50

These fifty-year anniversary albums really make a person feel old.  Modern technology can take those old master tapes and work wonders with improving sound quality.  These releases often feature demos and working versions of songs found in the vault or attic.  In the case of the White Album, the songs have been remixed to separate … More The White Album at 50

Album Covers

Before streaming and downloads, music was available as compact discs, and before that, long play vinyl record albums.  Albums measured about 12 inches by 12 inches.  They were round, so the dimensions were equal. The records or albums, came in a package made of paper and later of a plastic material.  The album covers contained … More Album Covers

Beatles ’65

Every year was productive, successful and innovative in the career of the Beatles. One year in particular, 1965, was profoundly important in the legacy of the group.  Some would say that 1967 was more important but I disagree.  In 1965 they toured, made a major motion picture, and produced two very successful albums. In the … More Beatles ’65