James Garner

If you viewed Garner’s career through three aligned characters it would be Maverick, Rockford and Murphy. … More James Garner


Being Orson Welles

“We will sell no wine before its time.” That was the tagline was from a wine commercial from the 1970’s. Orson Welles, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, was cashing in during his later years. Who could blame him. Welles’ principal occupation was film director, but he pursued many avenues to earn a … More Being Orson Welles

Farewell Burt

Burt Reynolds has been the most popular subject of my blogs.  This will be the fourth time I’ve written about him. Burt packed a lot of life into his 82 years.  He was arguably the biggest cultural icon of the 1970s.  In the mid 70s he was the biggest box office star.  While his contemporaries: … More Farewell Burt

Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte has lived quite a life.  He’s made a lot of pictures but the one many fans remember was his DUI photo of a few years ago.  It wasn’t flattering.  In his new autobiography he addresses it along with many other aspects of his very colorful life. Nolte is also an enigma.  His star shown … More Nick Nolte

Richard Boone

Richard Boone will forever be remembered as Paladin, who live in the San Francisco hotel and traveled the country as Have Gun – Will Travel. With an imposing figure, dark looks and deep voice, he often played villains and tough guys, although he usually did so with a flair.  In Hombre (1967), he played the … More Richard Boone

Young Turks: Bogdanovich, Coppola and Friedkin

It was the early 1970s, Hollywood was in turnaround. The old guard was nearing the end with some young turks taking the stage. Each started making small films, worked in other roles, or worked in television; but were ready for their close-ups as feature directors with the new decade.  The new wave included Martin Scorsese, … More Young Turks: Bogdanovich, Coppola and Friedkin

Ernest Borgnine

For years, I didn’t like Ernest Borgnine. In many roles he played loud, sadistic, bullies. And he was good at it.  He was a scary guy. Later in life, he played kindly, grandfathers and the like, he wrote a very good book, and he confessed to masterbation. How could you not like the guy, especially … More Ernest Borgnine

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan died 45 years ago, so I remember him mostly when he was late in his career.  He was mostly playing generals by then in big budget films.  Cranky and demanding were his characters.  He was usually listed as the second or third lead, his name added prestige to the films.  Robert Ryan was … More Robert Ryan

Jason Robards

Jason Robards was an actor’s actor. ”No actor excited other actors as much as Jason,” said director Jonathan Demme. He was a two-time Academy Award recipient, and Emmy winner, a Tony Award winner and earned every other acting award imaginable. “He was the last of a breed of actors who dedicated themselves to a life … More Jason Robards

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson mostly played tough guys. After years of toiling in supporting roles he became a star in middle age, same as fellow actors Lee Marvin, Leslie Nielsen and Walter Matthau.  Like Clint Eastwood, Bronson had that cool, steely silence.  While Bronson lacked Eastwood’s leading man looks, he transitioned from villains to become one of … More Charles Bronson