George Kennedy

  George Kennedy was credited more than 180 roles in a six-decade acting career. He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor as “Dragline” in Cool Hand Luke (1967).   Originally, Kennedy came to acting by way of a career in the Army.  He served as the military adviser to the Phil Silvers Show.  His … More George Kennedy

Fonda & Stewart: Their Later Acting Roles

Henry Fonda and Jimmy Stewart were lifelong friends. They found time to make three films together over the course of their long career. From their early days as struggling actors, to their years as Hollywood royalty, their friendship ran deep, despite their political and personality differences. Their later acting years were very similar; each tried … More Fonda & Stewart: Their Later Acting Roles

Character Actors

  A film, television show or play needs a variety of actors, those in the lead and others in secondary roles who provide dramatic or comedic textures, while advancing the storyline. Character actors come into and go out of the production; their job is to give someone for the lead actors to play off of, … More Character Actors