Ernest Borgnine

For years, I didn’t like Ernest Borgnine. In many roles he played loud, sadistic, bullies. And he was good at it.  He was a scary guy. Later in life, he played kindly, grandfathers and the like, he wrote a very good book, and he confessed to masterbation. How could you not like the guy, especially … More Ernest Borgnine

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan died 45 years ago, so I remember him mostly when he was late in his career.  He was mostly playing generals by then in big budget films.  Cranky and demanding were his characters.  He was usually listed as the second or third lead, his name added prestige to the films.  Robert Ryan was … More Robert Ryan

Jason Robards

Jason Robards was an actor’s actor. ”No actor excited other actors as much as Jason,” said director Jonathan Demme. He was a two-time Academy Award recipient, and Emmy winner, a Tony Award winner and earned every other acting award imaginable. “He was the last of a breed of actors who dedicated themselves to a life … More Jason Robards

Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson mostly played tough guys. After years of toiling in supporting roles he became a star in middle age, same as fellow actors Lee Marvin, Leslie Nielsen and Walter Matthau.  Like Clint Eastwood, Bronson had that cool, steely silence.  While Bronson lacked Eastwood’s leading man looks, he transitioned from villains to become one of … More Charles Bronson

Dabney Coleman

Dabney Coleman is one of my favorite actors. He’s not a big star but his acting is always intriguing to watch. Why? Well, he can play about anything and be believable doing it. He also has an extra gear as an actor, he can convey more than one thing at the same time, which is … More Dabney Coleman

The Wild Bunch

In 1969, Sam Peckinpah and Warner Bros. released one of the most talked about films of the year, and the most influential Western ever made.  Most people focus on the film’s violence, because its presentation and relentlessness was shocking and something film goers had not seen before.  If we remove the violence factor from the … More The Wild Bunch

The Directors: William Wellman & Cecil B. DeMille

Another installment in the film directors series.  Two heavyweights of the Golden Days of Hollywood. William Wellman had a long and successful career in Hollywood after being a decorated flyer in World War I.  He tried acting, which he hated and became a director instead, with his first directing credit in 1923.  He directed Wings (1927), that … More The Directors: William Wellman & Cecil B. DeMille