Character Actors

  A film, television show or play needs a variety of actors, those in the lead and others in secondary roles who provide dramatic or comedic textures, while advancing the storyline. Character actors come into and go out of the production; their job is to give someone for the lead actors to play off of, … More Character Actors

Passing the Torch

One day you wake up and you’re not the young turk anymore, or even the guy moving toward the top of the ladder – you are the guy other people wonder when you’ll submit your retirement papers. Time passes quickly. It’s over before you know it. Life goes faster as you get older. Cue Sinatra … More Passing the Torch

Making a Deposit

I work in a field where relationships are the currency for getting things done. One of the core values of the organization I work for is relationship building. When these core values were being developed, there was very intense debate on whether this would make the final list. A management consultant had said to my … More Making a Deposit

Describe a Great Leader

We all know great leaders, they get it, and they inspire others. Unfortunately, there are more bad, or mediocre leaders, which make the exceptional ones, stand out even more. Great leaders come in many different styles and often aren’t what you would imagine great leaders to look or sound like. There’s no template for great … More Describe a Great Leader

Gratitude Matters

During the holiday season a lot of good cheer is had. Food appears, office areas are decorated, cards and other tokens of appreciation are provided, employees are invited to lunch, and typically the mood is light and cheery. Those are nice but opportunities for gratitude happen all through the year and do not have to … More Gratitude Matters

Follow the Leader

We are all probably familiar with that game “follow the leader” from our childhood where the followers are supposed to mimic the leader. I can’t even remember the last time I mimicked. Leaders are not mythical or super heroes, at least the ones I’m familiar with are not – every so-called leader I know is … More Follow the Leader