Report Card Time

  It is that time of year when we provide performance appraisals for our employees.  This is the first year of a new performance management system, although we did a beta test last year of about 20 percent of the organization. When we were developing the new system we momentarily considered the idea of no … More Report Card Time

10 Cold War Films

  The Soviet Union crumbled in the late 1980s, as Soviet republics declared independence and the Berlin Wall came down. Russia, the largest of the republics, is classified as a democracy. Okay, I guess so. Today we’re on friendly terms with Russia, but there are obvious tensions and in some ways the Cold War lives … More 10 Cold War Films

Character Actors

  A film, television show or play needs a variety of actors, those in the lead and others in secondary roles who provide dramatic or comedic textures, while advancing the storyline. Character actors come into and go out of the production; their job is to give someone for the lead actors to play off of, … More Character Actors

So Long, Sue Grafton

Mystery writer Sue Grafton died last week, shocking many of us who did not know she was ill.  Her latest book, “Y” is for Yesterday, has only been released this fall, so she was very present on our minds.  For people like me, I was pondering the how Grafton would write the final book in … More So Long, Sue Grafton