James Comey

The 2016 Presidential election had four main actors: Trump, Clinton, Putin and Comey. By now, we know the particulars, but we are trying to learn the extent of the Putin involvement, and wonder how to keep foreign interests out of the next election. James Comey spent most of the career in the employment of the … More James Comey

Elect More Women

This is the year.  More women are running for Congressional, statewide and local elections than ever before, according to several groups monitoring this year’s elections.  Compared to 2016, 60 percent more women are running for House and Senate seats this year, or a total of 494 women running for Congress. Historically, women serving in Congress … More Elect More Women

Party Pooper

We’re in the election season, the filing deadline has passed, the primary is ahead, and candidates are out in force. If you are registered with a party affiliation you get to vote in the primary. Primaries narrow a party’s field of candidates to one. In a 2018 Gallop poll, about 55 percent of Americans who … More Party Pooper


What a year it was.  Fifty years ago, the world was upside down.  Sound familiar?  Events of 2018, as incredible as they are, seem somewhat mild in comparison to 1968. The bright promise of the 1960s was fading into a tragic decade of harsh reality.  It was a year of scientific advancement, artistic accomplishment, bold … More 1968

Nancy Kassebaum Baker

Straight shooter. Respectful. Passionate. As I listened to her talk at the Dole Institute, I couldn’t help but wish the two current Senators from Kansas had a portion of her good qualities.  Oh, their slickly produced media releases, and finely crafted speeches will hailed their virtues, efforts and Kansas values, but it’s been awhile since … More Nancy Kassebaum Baker

Third Party and Independent Presidential Candidates

Do you think you have only two choices for President in each election? Usually there are other candidates but you may not know who they are. Anyone without an R or D after their name is lumped into the third party or unaffiliated category. If you think the third party phenomenon is a recent development … More Third Party and Independent Presidential Candidates